Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is there a fee to access ParalegalCircle’s premium services?

This is the standard setup for social networking sites. ParalegalCircle works hard to create a premium site that has loads of valuable resources available to you. We encourage networking in your paralegal circle at no cost.

Are membership fees refundable?

There are No refunds for membership fees. Other payments may be refundable. Please refer to the Terms and Policies.

Are my online payments secure?

Yes, we use Stripe which is as secure as it gets; however, you may also make payments using the Cash App. Please send payments to $ParalegalCircle along with a comment identifying the reason for the payment and your name.

Why is there a button for making donations?

We are working daily to constantly improve ParalegalCircle and implement your suggestions. In order to keep this resource active, your financial assistance is greatly appreciated!

Can I make suggestions to improve the site?

Yes, definitely! This is YOUR site and it was created with you in mind. ParalealCircle is meant to be a valuable resource for all Paralegals. We welcome your feedback. Please send your suggestions using the Ask Paralegal Admin link.

Should I be concerned about Privacy violations? Is my information sold to others without my permission?

No. We have taken precautions to protect your data. We do not sell your information. Vendor Members have the option of contacting you on ParalegalCircle only. However, you can block them or request that they not contact you. The Vendor members will not have access to your personal email or other contact information unless you share it with them.

What if I post a question and I do not receive an answer from a fellow Paralegal?

Please use the Ask PC-Admin button to send your question. We will do our best to research the answer and respond with an answer as soon as possible. It is still recommended that you also do your own research.

Can I post anything I want?

See the Terms and Policies and the General Group Guidelines. We strongly discourage the use of profanity on the main forum. The main forum should be reserved for Paralegal questions, humor, helpful information, advice, etc. Feel free to join the Paralegals Unfiltered Group for personal rants and job complaints that you want to share with fellow Paralegals. You may also create your own Group.

As a Paralegal or Student Paralegal, can I create a Page?

No. Paralegal Members are not allowed to create a Page. Pages are reserved for Vendors only. You must register as a Vendor to create a Page. There are different fees and guidelines for Vendors. The only options available to Vendors at this time are the Vendor Directory and the Job Board.

Do Student Paralegals have access to the main feed?

No, they do not. Student Paralegals have access to all resources except the main feed. Student Paralegal posts appear in the PC Academy Group. Paralegals who have agreed to be Mentors will respond to any questions that Student Paralegals may have. All other posts and comments in the group will be discussions and thoughts amongst other Student Paralegals. Student Paralegals can also create groups specific to their school, state, etc.

How does a Student Paralegal gain access to the main feed?

Once the Student Paralegal graduates, he/she may contact PC-Admin using the Ask PC-Admin button to advise that he/she has graduated to be granted access.